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How does the app work?

The Sleepie app is designed to monitor your sleep and suggest changes to maximize your sleep quality. It works by connecting to your Apple Health or Google Fit account to access your sleep-related data. The app analyzes your sleep patterns and provides valuable insights into your sleep quality. It also tracks your intake of Sleepie supplements by scanning the pouch, which helps optimize the results

How does the app analyze my sleep patterns?

The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze your sleep cycles and patterns, they gather this data by analyzing the sleep patterns collected by your smartwatch or other wearables that can scan this type of information. If you don't have a wearable, the app can still track your sleep if you sleep next to your phone.

What insights can I expect about my sleep quality?

The app provides valuable insights into your sleep duration, depth, disturbances, and overall quality. With that information, you can track the evolution of your sleep and provide valuable data to improve your next formula.

How often should I use the app?

To achieve better results, use the app daily to monitor changes and improvements over time, everytime you take your Sleepie pouch, remember to scan it so we can keep track of your progress.

Do I need a smartwatch to track my sleep?

You don’t need a smartwatch to use the app.  After connecting to your existing Apple Health or Google Fit account, remember to sleep next to your cellphone so the app can track your sleep without any extra device, but if you have a smartwatch, you can track your sleep more accurately

What if I forget to wear my smartwatch/fitness tracker?

The app relies on the data from Apple Health or Google Fit, so ensure your tracking device is connected and recording. If you forget to wear it but your cellphone is next to you while you sleep, the app can still track your sleep. However, with the use of your wearable, you can gather more information and in a more precise manner.

How do I connect my Apple Health or Google Fit account?

There are easy-to-follow prompts within the app to guide you through the connection process, you will receive the step by step once you download the app, and we also have a video tutorial teaching how to connect the app to your Apple Health or Google Fit.  If you still need assistence, feel free to reach out for our support team.

The app doesn’t sync with my health account, what can i do?

Ensure you've granted the necessary permissions and check your internet connection. If issues persist, check our video tutorial or contact our support team.

Does the app work if I nap during the day?

Yes, the app monitors all sleep sessions, including naps.

What if I have feedback or suggestions for the app?

We always welcome and value user feedback! You can submit your suggestions through the app or contact our support team by email.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can always talk with us at our social media pages, or send us an email at contact@sleepie.life and we’ll answer it right away.

How often should I take Sleepie Supplements?

We recommend taking one pack a day, preferably before bedtime. Remember to stay within the recommended daily dose.

Sleepie supplements have scientific evidence?

Yes, all the supplements that constitute the Sleepie formulas are backed by science.

When will I notice significant changes after taking my supplements?

Each body has a unique reaction, so there is no exact answer. However, it's worth mentioning that Sleepie is not an immediate-effect medication, but rather a natural solution to improve your sleep with continuous and daily usage, so it's normal if it takes a few days until you start feeling substancial changes. Daily use in conjunction with the app will yield the best results, and you can track your progress day by day to gain a better understanding of how much you've improved. 

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